"I am delighted to endorse Yan for Saratoga City Council. She listens, she’s inclusive and she has a strong set of skills. Yan Knows Saratoga’s people, it’s values and the challenges we face."

Joe Simitian

President, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisor

"Yan and I were on the Planning Commission together for 8 years; serving with her was a pleasure because she was hard working, always prepared, and innovative. She would be a good Councilmember!"

Joyce Hlava

Chair, Planning Commission; Former Mayor of Saratoga

"I have known Yan for thirteen years, first as a fellow planning commissioner, then as I served on the city council and worked with the planning commission.
Yan is highly intelligent, a thoughtful leader and understands the values of Saratoga. There is no doubt in my mind that she will make a fine council member."

Jill Hunter

Former Mayor of Saratoga

"As a 60-year resident of Saratoga, I support Yan. Yan has the right experience and judgement to make the right decisions for Saratoga."

Gene Zambetti

Saratoga Fire District Commissioner; Former Planning Commissioner

"I endorse Yan Zhao for Saratoga City Council. She has served eight years on the Planning Commission and understands how city planning works. She is experienced, energetic and resourceful and will work hard for our community. Please vote Yan Zhao for Council."

Rina Shah

Saratoga Heritage Commission

"Yan Zhao will make excellent Saratoga City Council Member. I was fortunate enough to work with Yan on the Planning Commission for two years. Yan is an incredibly hard worker and practical decision maker. She is passionate about the City of Saratoga and the well-being of all its citizens."

Dede Smullen

Former Planning Commissioner

"Yan Zhao really stands out in the race for Saratoga’s City Council. Her qualifications and experience are extraordinary. She has served in many important volunteer capacities in Saratoga including 8 years as a planning commissioner. Yet she has maintained a high-level professional job and continues to be one of the top performers at Linear Technology, now part of Analog Devices Inc. Please support Yan Zhao for Saratoga City Council."

Bob Swanson

Founder and Executive Chairman of Linear Technology; Saratoga resident

"Yan Zhao is thoughtful, analytical, and positive. She works well with everyone and respects differing points of view. She knows Saratoga city government. More importantly, she has been dedicatedly serving our community for many years. She is talented and will make an excellent City Council Member."

Ping Li

Vice Chair, Parks and Recreation Commission

"I first got to know Yan Zhao while we both volunteered at Saratoga Elementary School PTA. I found Yan being incredibly resourceful, energetic and efficient. She is a genuine, cheerful, and a team player with full commitment to support others. Yan has the pulse on school families and can be an ideal bridge to build collaboration between schools and the city. Please join many of school families to vote for Yan in November’s city council election."

Shaughna Green

Former Saratoga Elementary PTA President

"I have known Yan for many years. She is one of those unusual people who is well liked and well respected by everyone who has worked with her or who knows her well. Whether you know Yan as a Planning Commissioner, as a talented professional engineer, as a mother of three who serves on Saratoga Elementary PTA board, as a volunteer on AYSO soccer fields, or as a volunteer at Saratoga historical foundation events, she is always there to server with a big heart and with her beautiful smile. She truly loves and cares about Saratoga. Please vote for her for the Saratoga City Council."

Frank Au-Yeung

Chairman of the Board, The Voice of Harmony Artists; Saratoga resident

"Yan is a strong supporter of the Saratoga Library and she is very positive person to work with. Yan is extremely well qualified for the Saratoga City Council."

Javed Khan

Former Library Commissioner

"Yan has strongly supported neighborhood issues and worked to preserve our quality of life in Saratoga. She will be a great addition to our city council. I wholeheartedly endorse her."

Jim Foley

President, Vineyards Homeowners Association

"Yan Zhao and I both worked at National Semiconductor Corp years ago. I have always known that she is an over-achiever, but I did not know that she is so committed to our community until I saw her at Saratoga Planning commission public hearings and study sessions. I have seen her work on tough issues. She is reasonable, calm, and confident. She has common sense. More importantly, she has the knowledge and experience to make sound decisions for us."

Tim Miller

Former board member of Saratoga Woods Community Association

"I have known Yan for almost 10 years. She has been an active volunteer for the Saratoga community. As a planning commissioner, she worked hard to protect our neighborhoods. I feel blessed to have Yan as a friend and will support her to be elected as a city councilmember."

Henry Zhang

Former Cub Scout master, Saratoga resident

"Yan is one of the most qualified candidates to run for our city council. As an engineer and female high-tech leader, two-term Planning Commissioner, and a committed community volunteer, Yan has it all. She exemplifies professionalism in all she does and is a true public servant and leader with an open mindset and high integrity. Yan will continue to seek citizens' best interests and will bring the city of Saratoga to its next level."

Sophia Kao

Member, Saratoga Union School District Board of Trustees

"Yan took the initiative and organized our first block party because she believes strong neighborhoods build strong communities. Her heart is in Saratoga. Her actions in many community projects speak volumes about who she is. Join me in November in voting for Yan Zhao for City Council."

Dan Hasker

Yan’s Neighbor

"I have known Yan Zhao for many years as an effective planning commissioner and dedicated volunteer in Saratoga schools. Yan has been serving in various capacities on city commissions for a long time and knows our community very well. She works hard, listens to the community concerns, and strives to find the best solution. Yan would serve Saratoga well on the City Council."

Reshma Hyder

Candidate-2018 SUSD Board
IT Lead, Saratoga CERT

"What a joy to know Yan Zhao who is open to listening to Saratoga’s business community and collaborating to find ways to foster economic development while maintaining our small-town charm."

Shannon Shackerley-Bennett

Saratoga Resident and Owner, Gallery South in Downtown Saratoga

"Yan understands issues concerning seniors. Her mother is 85 years old and Yan has been very involved in making sure that all of her mother’s needs are met and that she has stayed connected with her family and her community. I believe that Yan will protect the quality of life for seniors just as she has for her mother."

Renee Paquier

Board of Director, Saratoga Area Senior Coordinating Council


Community Supporters

  • Greg Dean - Former President, Saratoga Woods Community Association
  • Peter Marra- Member, Sister City
  • Marilyn White - Saratoga Citizen of the Year, Honorary Member, Chamber of Commerce
  • Julia Forte – Owner, RedwoodLove, downtown Saratoga
  • Victor Hong – Owner, Hong’s Gourmet
  • Shannon Bennett – Owner, Gallery South, downtown Saratoga
  • Carolina Ingley – Owner, Shop Aesthetical, downtown Saratoga
  • Gary Woodall – Owner, Saratoga Barbers, downtown Saratoga
  • Matthew Harrigan – Owner, Timeline Design + Build, downtown Saratoga
  • Renée Paquier - Board Director, Saratoga Area Senior Coordinating Council (SASCC)
  • Jim Foley – President, Vineyards Homeowners Association
  • Barbara Deur- Saratoga Woods Safety Watch Leader
  • Kevin Sham - Neighborhood Watch leader
  • Kay Wang – Neighborhood Watch Leader
  • Greg Green – Board member, Brookside Club of Saratoga
  • Rita Cao – President Elect, PTSO Saratoga High School
  • Hong Zhang – Board member, Redwood Middle School PTA
  • Ron Schoengold - Former President, Saratoga Woods Community Association
  • Chris Vasquez - Saratoga Woods Safety Watch Program Leader
  • Jean Poo - Former Redwood and Argonaut PTA President
  • Michelle Fan - Former Argonaut Elementary School PTA President
  • Annie Ying - Saratoga Music Boosters Board Member
  • Ashley Chao - Former SHS PTSO President
  • Sara Hung - SHS Foundation Treasurer

  • Agnes Dewey
  • Alice Bidel
  • Alice liu
  • Alison Tsao
  • Annie Solc
  • Bill Comport
  • Bob Bohn
  • Bob Swanson
  • Carolyn Hasker
  • Cherry Liu
  • Chih-Wei Chao
  • Chris Burns
  • Chris Ruemmler
  • Christina Wang
  • Daisy Huang
  • Dan Hasker
  • David Chen
  • Emilie Zhang
  • Emily Y Che
  • Eric Yang
  • Erica Connors
  • Eugene Dyatlovitsky
  • Eugene Y Che
  • Fred Omenzetter
  • Gerry Liu
  • Herman Zheng
  • Isabelle Ip
  • Jack Smith
  • Jamal Haider
  • Jean Xia
  • Jennifer Macquiddy
  • Jerry Gao
  • Jessica Yan
  • Jim Philbrick
  • Jitka Cymbal
  • Julie Hua
  • Lanping Zheng
  • Lei L Che
  • Lili Zhu
  • Lily Lin
  • Lily Liu
  • Lingxiong Shao
  • Lisa Guo
  • Lisa Yang
  • Mark Weisler
  • Mary Chang
  • May Lu
  • Meijuan Chen
  • Michael Zhang
  • Michelle McIntyre
  • Mike Prevot
  • Paul Qian
  • Rajiv Jain
  • Reshma Hyder
  • Rick Waltonsmith
  • Roseann Rose
  • Ruoyi Zhou
  • Sammy Chung
  • Shana Yao
  • Shaughna Green
  • Sherry Chen
  • Stella Li
  • Steven Zhu
  • Susan Ruemmler
  • Susan Yang
  • Tammy Zhou
  • Tim Miller
  • Todd Jackson
  • Vivian Shao
  • Wing Wong
  • Xia Dai
  • Xiaodong Che
  • Xiongfu Che
  • Yang Xu
  • Ying Wu
  • Yuheng Zhang
  • Zhengming Chen

*** All titles are for identification purposes only.
This is a partial list.